Capabilities of Lex Tooling
Starrett Sigma Optical Comparator
Starrett SIGMA HB350 Optical Comparator

CNC Milling

Lex Tooling's CNC Milling machines allow us to perform literally any operation while consistently holding extremely tight tolerances. These tolerances are in effect regardless of whether we are machining out of our precision vises, jigs, or multiple fixtures. There is no match for Lex Tooling's milling capabilities or years of experience.

From manufacturing replacement parts to modifying existing parts, our skilled machinists and quality machine tools are here to serve you. High-quality finishes require not only the right tooling and equipment, but also the experienced personnel to provide the demanding finish you expect. Customers have come to rely on our Milling equipment to bring a quality finish to specialty metals products. Our milling machine has been custom-modified to adapt to provide surface removal of selected spots or complete skinning requirements.

Wet and Dry Grinding

With tolerances of less than a micron are standard operating procedure for Lex Tooling. Whether it’s the subtle taper on a core for the mold or the hardened steel finish on the smallest component for metal-to-metal sealing, highest precision is the same. Because so many of the components processed are “round’, Lex Tooling has developed special skills - and special capabilities.

  1. Detail Machining
  2. Short and Long Run
  3. 3D Contour Milling
  4. General Machining
  5. Reverse Engineering and
    Parts Layout
  6. Design and Build Tooling
  7. Repair, Revise, Maintain
    Custom Tooling
  8. Prototyping from Customer Concept
  9. Polishing
  10. Dies/Prototype and Production
    - Custom Die Sets
    - Plastic Trim dies
  11. Fixtures
    - Inspection Fixtures
    - Weldments
    - Gages
    - Jigs
    - Precision Machined Details
  12. Precision Machined
    Production Components

Short reaction times are also standard with Lex Tooling, for the largest and smallest runs, of the largest to the smallest parts. Consistency of sizing, precision finishes and cost effectiveness are all guaranteed for your component requirements.

Heat Treat Services

As a complete conversion processor, Lex Tooling provides certified Heat Treating services. Our annealing furnace treats material with zone heating and temperature control with radiant-type open-flame burners. Microprocessor-based monitors maintain an efficient flow of uniform heat around the stock – a crucial point when specialized limits are required.

Lex Tooling can provide full charting to further certify compliance and customer recordkeeping requirements in demanding applications. Since we have our own heat treating equipment, we are able to heat treat in-house. This allows us to be more efficient in reducing lead times of components shorter than 12 inches.

Saw Cutting Services

Lex Tooling offers a complete range of Saw Cutting capabilities, allowing us to cut rounds, billets or slabs into mults, per any customer specification. We offer traditional band saw and abrasive saw cutting. An electric track radiograph can flame cut products into various sizes of bars, billets, plates or sheets. Materials sawed include: Aluminum Plate/Sheet/Bar, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, Copper, Plastic and other Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.

For more information on our custom tooling capabilities, contact us at (765) 675-6301.

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